Body remodeling: what it is and how it can help sculpt your body

The body remodeling program of Dr. Jorge Planas offers treatments such as Abdominoplasty, BodyTite, Lipo Vaser® and Body Lipostructure

Excess localized fat and cellulite are the aesthetic aspects that most women and men want to eliminate. The treatments of plastic surgery offered by Dr. Jorge Planas They will allow you to reduce extra centimeters, reshape your body and achieve a natural result; always in harmony with your silhouette and in a highly professional way.

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    Sculpt your body by eliminating localized fat with state-of-the-art treatments

    The body remodeling can be performed in both women and men to remove fat located in any area of the body. The most common are abdomen, waist, arms, back, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees. Also chin and face, as one of the possible treatments to rejuvenate the face.

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    Tummy tuck

    Body remodeling through abdominoplasty

    There are several reasons that cause the abdomen to be the area of the body that accumulates fat more easily, has flaccid skin or distended muscles. The tummy tuck It is a surgical intervention where an incision is made above the pubis (which makes it possible to hide the residual scar) to help recover a "flat stomach", strengthen the abdominal muscles and outline the silhouette. You will feel again with a slender body, with lasting and visible results from the first month.

    We recommend

    We recommend a tummy tuck if you are close to your ideal weight but have excess abdominal fat and loose skin, or distended abdominal muscles.

    intervention time

    Three hours


    Postoperative period: 2 days in the clinic and 15 days of recovery.

    Before and after

    Tummy tuck

    Recover your "flat stomach"

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    What is the main advantage of the BodyTite treatment?

    BodyTite uses radio frequency to reshape the body: Eliminates fat and favors the generation of collagen to smooth the skin. A double action treatment that provides excellent results with hardly any scars.

    We recommend

    We recommend BodyTite if you have mild or moderate sagging in any area of your body, with or without excess fat

    intervention time

    1 to 4 hours


    Postoperative: from 1 to 7 days of recovery, depending on the treated areas.

    Before and after


    Returns the smoothness to your skin

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    Vaser Lipo®:

    High definition body contouring

    Reshape your body with technology capable of sculpting and Get a high definition body contour. Dr. Jorge Planas highlights the versatility of this treatment in people who are not obese or excessively overweight to eliminate localized fat from any area. This technique, compared to traditional liposuction, achieves a better adaptation of the skin after the intervention and a better definition of the silhouette. The fat that is removed does not reappear.

    We recommend

    We recommend Lipo Vaser® if you want to remove fat in localized areas and shape and refine those areas.

    intervention time

    2 to 4 hours


    Postoperative: 1 day in the clinic and 15 days of recovery.

    Before and after

    Vaser® Lipo

    Get a well-defined silhouette

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    Body lipostructure

    A treatment to regain volume in different areas of your body

    The lipostructure is a cosmetic and restorative surgery treatment that serves to reshape areas that do not have or have lost facial and body volume: cheekbones, chin, buttocks or breasts will have volume again using the patient's own fat as filler material. 

    The main advantage of using your own fat as filler material is to avoid (semi) synthetic materials that your body could reject as a foreign element. It is a less harmful technique for your body with which you will obtain long-lasting and stable results. Part of the placed fat will be reabsorbed, but the one that remains will do so indefinitely, thus obtaining a permanent result.

    We recommend

    We recommend lipostructure in people with a lack of volume in some area of the face or body.

    intervention time

    between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the areas to be treated


    1 day in clinic and 3 days of recovery.

    Before and after

    Body lipostructure

    Recover volume in key areas

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    body remodeling

    Frequently asked questions about body contouring

    Vaser® Lipo: How can I see the before and after?

    How we will look before and after a Vaser Lipo treatment® to reshape our silhouette we can preview it during the consultation prior to the intervention when the areas to be treated are delimited. The patient should be aware that It is a solution that molds the silhouette: it is not an indicated solution for a problem of generalized obesity. You also have to consider the skin quality: when extracting the fat in young people, the excess skin will return to its place. In people over 50 years of age, Lipo Vaser® makes the skin as little flaccid as possible because it also manages to retract some of the skin, in addition to extracting excess fat. Vaser® Lipo is not an indicated treatment to treat cellulite or “orange peel skin”.

    When is the best time for a body remodeling?

    The most advisable time when thinking about a tummy tuck, lipostructure, BodyTite or Lipo Vaser®, is always better at a time when we do not have to expose our body to the sun. 

    In this forecast it is also necessary to take into account the postoperative. In any of these body remodeling procedures, it is mandatory to wear a girdle in the treated area for a month. It will produce heat, so in summer it will be less comfortable to wear.

    At what age is a cosmetic surgery operation such as abdominoplasty advisable?

    The consultation with Dr. Jorge Planas will allow preoperative tests and complete a clinical history to recommend body remodeling treatment taking into account factors beyond age. Yes ok Abdominoplasty can be performed at any age, as long as it is indicated, It is recommended that women who want to have (more) children in the future avoid this treatment, because pregnancies can make the abdominal area lose definition. Therefore, it is advisable that, for the result to be permanent, it be done six months after the last pregnancy.

    What care should be taken after a BodyTite treatment?

    The most important is to avoid sun exposure for 1 or two months. In the same way as other body remodeling treatments, the BodyTite technique is aimed at preventing flaccidity. 

    Although you will be able to return to normal life in 48 hours and go back to your usual activities, you will not be able to play sports in the first 4 weeks after the intervention.

    How is Lipo Vaser® different from traditional liposuction?

    The main differences between high definition Vaser® Lipo technology and traditional liposuction are:

    • Vaser Lipo® high definition will allow you to get a greater definition of the body contour, because it uses techniques that extract fat more easily and, in the indicated cases, it can also be possible to highlight the musculature of the area.
    • Unlike traditional liposuction, High Definition Vaser® Lipo treatment provides better skin retraction, getting more accurate results.

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