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Mia Femtech™

mia femtechTM brings harmony to your body with a natural, discreet and proportional result, which shapes your chest in just 15 minutes1. Thanks to an innovative minimally invasive technology and without the need for anesthesia general2, you can resume your routine the same day *.

Harmonization of the chest to achieve one or two more cups with proportionate, discreet and natural results¹ 

Resume your routine the same day of the procedure* 

Exclusive high-tech system for a minimally invasive patented procedure1

A 15-minute procedure¹ without general anesthesia²

Breast Tissue Preservation Technique/Small Hidden Scars1

*It is not recommended to exercise during the period of recovery and always follow your doctor's advice.
 1. Establishment Labs® Data on file. CLINR-001018.
 2. Establishment Labs® Data on file. CLINR-001007.

Dr Jorge Planas

First Plastic Surgeon in Europe accredited and certified to perform this innovative breast augmentation procedure

Real testimonials from Mia®

Meet Mia's consumers® and let yourself be impressed by their incredible chest harmonization experiences. Immerse yourself in their unique and fascinating experiences first hand!

Maria Jose

«After Mia®, I feel safer. I used to be shy and didn't feel comfortable changing clothes in front of others, but now I'm super satisfied with my body. As an athlete, nothing has changed. I feel very comfortable and confident even when practicing contact sports like karate."


Andrea, journalist, brown belt in karate and consumer of Mia®.

«This is exactly what I wanted; I look great and natural, and I feel like I was born that way. before mine®I didn't really like looking at myself in the mirror. I had always wanted to have a fuller chest, while maintaining a natural and proportionate appearance to my body.


Rebeca, business administrator, cyclist and consumer of Mia®.

"My perception of myself has changed drastically because I look the way I always wanted to look. Now I have a harmonious appearance and my body is more balanced. The recovery process was excellent and I did not experience any discomfort from day one."


Vivian: physical education teacher, fond of cooking and consumer of Mia®.

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Discover the natural, discreet and proportional results that Mia offers you®.



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