Breast augmentation, reduction or elevation: breast surgery to harmonize the silhouette

Natural results whether you want to increase or reduce your chest, or raise your breasts

In the consultation, Dr. Joge Planas will analyze and assess your case to advise you and give you personalized criteria on which surgical treatment will meet your expectations.

Request your first visit now to receive therapeutic guidance and know both the advantages and risks of breast augmentation, reduction or elevation treatments. We know how important your chest is for your own image: that is why it is important to work on your expectations and needs to achieve the most natural appearance possible, with an adequate chest in terms of volume, size and projection, appropriate to your body proportions. 

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    Surgery to improve the appearance of your breasts

    The breasts are important throughout your life: they mark the beginning of puberty in its development, they are the basis of breastfeeding, and over the years, hormonal changes, weight changes, and pregnancies, distort their shape. You can correct with surgery any alteration or asymmetry in your breasts, under professional medical supervision, the latest technical innovations and the experience of 30 years.

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    Breast augmentation with prosthesis

    Breast augmentation with prosthesis improves the volume and shape of the female breast. You will feel better about yourself and you will be able to show off a beautiful, elegant and proportionate neckline.

    How is a breast augmentation with prosthesis performed?

    It is a surgical intervention with a minimal incision, of short duration and with a recovery quick. After the initial consultation and diagnosis, we will recommend the most convenient place to place the implants. For this we will take into account your anatomy and the existing breast volume, your height, complexion and harmony of the bust. We will implant the breast prosthesis of the chosen size under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle.

    We recommend

    We recommend breast augmentation with prosthesis in women who want more breast volume, equalize the two breasts or who want to restore their natural volume after pregnancy, weight loss or due to age.

    intervention time

    1 hour


    1 day in clinic and 6 days of recovery

    Trust experts to increase your chest

    Dr. Jorge Planas will advise you in a personalized way from the first consultation.

    Breast augmentation with own fat

     The lipostructure, the filling of fat, is a useful technique to recover volume and smooth the skin of the chest. Fat from any area where there is excess is used for subsequent infiltration into your breasts. We will use only pure fat from your own body with options intact to survive. After the operation, you will be able to observe the effect on your bust immediately.

    minimal incisions

    The grafting of your own fat is done with incisions minimal, so no visible scars left

    Avoid any possible rejection

    As your own fat is used to restore, volume or reshape your breasts, it is avoid any possible rejection or incompatibility. You will "donate" and receive a filler material that is not harmful to your body

    aesthetic improvement

    you will get one aesthetic improvement in breasts and in your silhouette in general, since the excess fat that you have in localized areas of your body is extracted

    Long lasting results

    Part of the fat injected into the chest will be reabsorbed but the one that survives will do so forever. They are achieved like this lasting results

    Completely natural

    In a single session you will gain a cup of volume and you will achieve a natural appearance without residual scars and with a completely natural shape and touch.

    We recommend

    We recommend breast augmentation with own fat or lipostructure in people who only want to increase one size of volume and have enough excess fat in some area of the silhouette

    intervention time

    Three hours


    1 day in clinic and 6 days of recovery

    Before and after

    Fatty breast augmentation

    Win a size, naturally

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    What is hybrid breast augmentation?

    The hybrid breast augmentation technique combines breast augmentation with own fat and breast augmentation with prosthesis. The results are excellent in terms of size, shape, and a natural touch of the breasts is achieved.

    This hybrid technique seeks the following objectives of each of these two types of treatment for breast augmentation:

    Whatever you wish

    By using implants, you will get the volume and projection you want


    By combining breast implants with your own fat, the curves of your bust will be smoother, and we will be able to modify the shape, correct asymmetries and outline the edges of the implant to hide them. Especially recommended in thin women or with very little chest

    How is a hybrid or combined breast augmentation performed?

    1. First, the fat is extracted from the area that we have agreed with the patient.


    2. We will centrifuge the fat itself and treat it to obtain pure fat with the ability to survive.


    3. We will place the breast implants.


    4. We will end up infiltrating the fat itself, already treated, to finish sculpting the breast to measure.

    What kind of breast implants are used?

    We only use top quality breast implants. In hybrid breast augmentation, implants of a moderate size can be used because the rest of the volume will be obtained with fat. In this way we can reduce the size of the incisions compared to a breast augmentation only with prostheses.

    Benefits of hybrid breast augmentation

    This treatment allows to obtain a tailored breast augmentation, with a very natural result, because we can sculpt the breast during the intervention according to the way you want. Other main benefits of this technique are:

    • Smaller size prosthesis than in an intervention only of breast augmentation with implants. Part of the volume you want you get with your own fat
    • Being the smallest prostheses, you will have less residual scar

    Improved body contour from the areas from which the fat is extracted

    We recommend

    We recommend hybrid breast augmentation for very thin women with very little chest.

    intervention time

    2 hours


    1 day in clinic and 7 days of recovery

    Before and after

    Hybrid breast augmentation

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    Breast lift: how to correct a sagging chest

    Excess breast volume, weight changes, and pregnancy are the main causes of excessive breast sagging. And it is that the breasts do not have bone or muscle support, they are glandular tissue, fat and skin.

    If the skin alone cannot keep the breasts upright, the breast lift It is the intervention that can restore the lost firmness of the breasts. You will get your bust to have a more youthful shape and appearance, with which you feel more confident in yourself. 

    In this surgical operation, an elevation of the areola and the nipple is performed and the excess skin is removed to achieve a firm, turgid and well-formed chest.

    The effect of the breast lift will be seen immediately, and with long lasting results. Your breasts will recover their harmony, shape and projection.

    We recommend

    We recommend breast lift in women who want to recover the aesthetics and femininity of the chest

    intervention time

    2 hours


    1 day in clinic and 7 days of recovery

    Before and after

    Breast lift

    feel comfortable with your chest

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    Mammary Reduction
    How can a breast reduction improve the quality of life?

    When the breasts are larger than normal proportions, additional problems often arise, such as: pain neck or back, marks on the shoulders of the bra, eczema in the breast fold and appearance of stretch marks.

    With breast reduction, an operation also known as reduction mammoplasty, you can do disappear complexes, Put on the clothes you like, practice sports and also avoid back pain and stop forcing your posture. 

    The shape and size of your breasts will be modified so that they are in accordance with your expectations, both aesthetic and functional. Hence, the improvement in the quality of life of the patient who reduces her breasts is on a physical and mental level.

    Throughout the process it will be very important to take care of the scars with measures such as not sunbathing and using, in the postoperative period, the oils or moisturizing creams that we will recommend.

    We recommend

    We recommend breast reduction for women who want to solve health and aesthetic problems and have a breast that is more proportionate to their body.

    intervention time

    Three hours


    1 day in clinic and 6 days of recovery

    Before and after

    breast reduction

    Recover the shape of your chest

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    breast surgery

    Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation or reduction

    How to choose the ideal prosthesis volume for me?

    We have to take into account that each implant, depending on its volume, has dimensions (base, projection and height) that must not exceed the internal dimensions of the pocket where the prosthesis will be housed inside the breast.

    That is why Dr. Jorge Planas will take measurements of the different parts of the breast to choose which would be the most appropriate volume.

    However, with this information, a patient-surgeon dialogue will be established to choose the final size, taking into account the patient's wishes in terms of shape and volume. 

    Do breast implants need to be changed every 10 years?

    There is a myth that breast implants have to be changed every 10 years. This statement is false.

    Mammary prostheses must be controlled by means of an annual senological study (ultrasound, mammography or magnetic resonance imaging, depending on the age of the patient and the years since surgery).

    The more years that have passed since surgery, the more likely it is that the implants have deteriorated. 

    • There are exceptional cases in which the implants deteriorate a few years after surgery, and also the opposite: cases in which they remain intact for many decades. 

    If you undergo breast augmentation with your own fat, will you be able to use breast implants in the future?

    If in the future you want to further increase the size and volume of your chest, you can undergo a breast augmentation treatment with an implant without any inconvenience. 

    The important thing is that you always follow an annual senological control with a protocol revision of implants to detect early and treat any possible future complications.

    Why is a breast reduction performed?

    Without a doubt, it will be a very positive change in your image, with a lasting final result. The main problems that you want to solve with a reduction mammoplasty are:

    • Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
    • Irritation and rash under the breasts
    • Limitation of activities due to the size of the breasts
    • Difficulty finding comfortable and/or attractive bras and clothing
    • Disproportion of chest, waist and hip measurements.

    Request your first visit

    It is the most important. Dr. Jorge Planas needs to get to know you and assess your case and your expectations. He will advise you on the treatment with which to achieve a breast with which you are comfortable and sure of yourself.

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