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Dr. Jorge has treated and understood me perfectly. I am very happy with the result and with the post-surgery process. Excellent surgeon and excellent team that he has with him.
Lorena Segado Gómez
Lorena Segado Gomez
12:37 12 Dec 22
First of all I have to say THANK YOU!!! Dr. Planas operated on me a month ago for a mastopexy with a prosthesis and I couldn't be happier and more satisfied. The doctor clarified all my doubts from the first moment and the whole process has been very easy. I have to say that in my case the discomfort was minimal and the postoperative period was not complicated if the recommendations are followed. I also want to thank the rest of the team, from the reception professionals, their secretariat who is charming and super attentive, the nurses and of course the entire operating room team at Clínica Ruber. I recommend 100%. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!
Laura García
laura garcia
10:59 28 Nov 22
Thank you Jorge for achieving my dreams! I could not be more thankful
Anna Maria Ica
Anna Maria Ica
06:48 31 Oct 22
Personal and excellent treatment, quick appointment and advice adapted to each person.
Kabuki Naoiri
Kabuki Naoiri
19:53 23 Oct 22
I had a hard time deciding on a plastic surgeon, I'm glad I was right! Thanks to all the team
Sonia Moya Lozano
Sonia Lozano
14:38 22 Oct 22
The best plastic surgeon in all of Spain! thank you Jorge for having the best hands and the best team.
10:20 18 Oct 22
Dr. Jorge Planas has performed a marvelous surgery on me. I am happy again thanks to this plastic surgeon. He has also treated and understood me perfectly.
laura abella
Laura Abella
07:28 17 Oct 22
Incredible ultrasonic rhinoplasty by Dr. Jorge Planas! I'm happy!
naass morales
naass morales
07:10 15 Oct 22
15 days ago I had ultrasonic rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Jorge Planas. I am very happy with it, the result has been super natural and the postoperative period has been quick and painless. I recommend 100% to all those who are hesitating or afraid to do it, he is an artist!
Dr. Planas operated on me in October for a fat encapsulation in my neck, under my chin. I was self-conscious about my appearance, I was even grateful for the use of the mask to partially cover it. I recovered the normal shape of my neck after the intervention with Lipo Vaser and I couldn't be happier. I have regained my self-esteem, I am the same as always. I recommend this procedure to all people suffering from the same problem
Chez EG Atelier
Chez EG Atelier
17:41 27 Jan 22
Excellent medical team. Very good attention from all auxiliary staff.
Paco Martínez
Paco Martinez
11:38 18 Jan 22
Excellent professional. A success to have put me in their hands.
21:16 22 Dec 21
Excellent treatment, from the surgeon Jorge Planas to the great team that he has next to him, you feel Covered by each one of them, in my case they made me an intervention from mothers and I am delighted, he left me just as I wanted with a size 90 and well natural, the recovery a success, without any pain. I advise all women like me who are complex with our mothers to put themselves in Jorge's hands because he is a ten surgeon and do not be afraid. Happy from all flat clinic deal.
17:28 22 Dec 21
I totally recommend ultrasonic rhinoplasty with Dr. Jorge Planas. It has been 6 months since I had surgery and I could not be happier with the result, besides being totally painless and being able to lead a normal life in less than a week. Personally, it has totally changed my life. life, it caused me a lot of complex and low self-esteem and since July I feel more sure of myself.
Laia Alonso
Laia alonso
15:09 20 Dec 21
Great professional, putting myself in your hands has been the right decision, from the first moment I felt like I empathized with my situation. I am super happy with the result !! Thank you doctor.
Negma Habbana
Negma Habbana
21:21 18 Dec 21
Impeccable professionalism and very good personal experience, during my stay at the clinic I was supported at all times by the staff and the team of doctor planas. They were very friendly and professional, and above all, and most importantly, very satisfied with the result.
I had surgery with Dr. Jorge Planas two and a half weeks ago and I cannot be happier even though the result is not yet final. Great hands and perfect work. In addition, we must also highlight the kindness both on his part and for everyone. the members of his team, something very important to assess as well. My case was a complicated secondary rhinoplasty and the result is being magnificent. After the first septorinoplasty + turbinectomy recommended by several otolaryngologists, my nose was leaking transparent liquid for about a year, I did not feel part of my face, I was not breathing well and it was also totally crooked. Today I breathe very well, the nose is totally harmonious and integrated into my face, the doctor has solved the collapse of the valves, the irregularity, the fibrosis and all the problems that have been encountered during the intervention. I can't be more grateful to you !!
Ines Nebot Troyano
Ines Nebot Trojan
17:08 17 Dec 21
I am very grateful to clinics flat and to my doctor Jorge flat for my mother's reduction operation that has gone so well for me, the best doctor who has operated in my life the best without a doubt, he has left me wonderful as a 20-year-old girl. Super happy now I can put on everything that I could not before and that mesotherapy session was great and the treatment received incredible, thank you very much to my nurse Esther who is wonderful for giving me the steps to follow and treating me so well with so much affection, I I am grateful and with all the people who have been for me, I recommend it 100 x 100 and I am very clear if I have to return to have surgery, it will be with you, you are very professional and great, I have never had such a good treatment as with you, thank you for all
Lidia Vares Maldonado
Lidia Vares Maldonado
12:34 16 Dec 21
The recomanarians for the direct experience of a female rabbit who is going to operate with him, at all times he is going to feel reassured and is happy with the result. Bon professional
Roser. R
Roser. R
21:45 15 Dec 21
I loved the center and the treatment, specifically from Dr. Jorge Planas. He is a great professional. Thanks for everything
jana perez
jana perez
08:13 14 Dec 21
Dr. Planes is a professionally rigorous surgeon, very close and attentive to details. It shows all his experience and baggage.
Pilar Sanchez Ortín
Pilar Sanchez Ortin
19:23 03 Dec 21
Magnificent Doctor and team ... I am super happy with the results, and they are not yet the final ones ... I am delighted with the two interventions that have been practiced on me, for me Gabriel and Jorge, two great professionals ... I was scared to death, and they gave me total security . I recommend 100%
Esperanza Gine Paris
Esperanza Gine Paris
17:41 02 Dec 21
Very happy with Dr. Jorge Planas, he has operated on me for rhinoplasty and subsequent touch-ups with great professionalism and unbeatable treatment. He always shows a lot of interest, he listens in a way that you realize that he really cares what you tell him about the physical complex that you want to improve. Its good name and reputation are fully founded, in addition to having very correct and neat facilities. Any other intervention that I do in the future will always be at Clínica Planas.
Miriam Garcia Gispert
Miriam garcia gispert
21:45 01 Dec 21
Thanks for everything 🤗🤗. An excellent doctor and guy, they give a lot of confidence and security. I have done two operations, mammoplasty and lipofilling. I am very satisfied with the results. I recommend it, thanks again doctor.
Cecilia Mihai
Cecilia Mihai
17:00 01 Dec 21
Hello. I would like to say that I have always been satisfied with the operations that Dr. Jorge Planas has performed on me and with the aesthetic treatments that he has recommended / derived, but the last one, which has been a very complete liposculpture, has surpassed even what I had imagined. It transmits so much security that if I decide to do something to myself and it seems right to him, I know it will turn out well and with very natural results. If you don't consider it, you have the utmost honesty to say so. I am safe with all your equipment. On the other hand, the kindness of everyone from the moment I walk in the door ... makes me feel at home, even better ... excited because I will come out more beautiful or preparing / managing / consulting what is appropriate to be more ... ..I am already quite a few years old and I feel and I look divine. I wish I had met him and his team much earlier. Very grateful .. In summary: Both him and everyone, each, one @ of his team on a scale of 0 to 10 ... I would have to give them a .... 11
11:57 28 Nov 21
Excellent surgeon and great professional. Very happy with the results and I recommend 100%.
jessica rabinovich
Jessica Rabinovich
13:16 26 Nov 21
Great professional. Excellent result
Gemma Gomez
Gemma Gomez
05:24 25 Nov 21
With Dr. Jorge Planas I have made my dream come true. He has achieved an amazing result after a bad surgery that I performed in another center. Always punctual and willing to listen and help. Excellent surgeon and better person. Thank you so much.
F Hernan
F Hernan
16:57 21 Nov 21
Without a doubt a great surgeon, I would put myself in his hands without hesitation. I have seen several results from him and they are spectacular and very natural.
13:10 19 Nov 21
Dr Jorge Planas has changed my manarias prostheses and I can't be happier! The first intervention was also at Clínica Planas, years ago! Maximum attention and dedication.
laura luna
laura moon
13:18 18 Nov 21
Hello, I am 38 years old, 9 years ago I underwent an intervention from my mother, because my chest had fallen a little. And I wanted to perform a lift. The first intervention went well, but from the age of 2 I began to have problems (the prostheses rotated ...), and since then I have undergone 10 breast interventions. After the last one and on the waiting list for the eleventh intervention, I decided to visit surgeons all over Spain. After visiting many surgeons, they recommended me Several of them, who, due to the complexity of the case, recommended that I visit the best, that is, they recommended Jorge Planas. On September 1 I visited him and on November 15 I intervened with him. Regarding my experience, I said that I was quite afraid and insecure Given my career, but from the first moment I knew that I had made the right decision. After the visit he transmitted a lot of security and tranquility. He studied the case carefully and once he knew that it would be the best thing he told me and He explained everything. I am very satisfied and happy with the result obtained. This time I have had a breast reduction (the scars are almost imperceptible and the result is very natural. He is an excellent professional. He has a very prepared team behind him. I am very I am grateful to the doctor and to Rufo his team. I wish I had put myself in less doubt from the beginning and could have avoided 10 interventions with all that this entails.
Jenni López García
Jenni Lopez Garcia
12:16 18 Nov 21
Thank you and thank you for making me so happy !!! Delighted with my ultrasonic rhinoplasty, waiting to see me at 100%. But I can't be happier!
I am very satisfied with the results of the operations with Dr. Plaas, I have undergone Upper Blepharoplasty and Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty this October, I would repeat without hesitation. Excellent attention from the nurses and rooms at the level of a great professional like is Dr Planes.
La cute de Esther
Esther's cute
21:27 09 Nov 21
I am very happy with the result of the ultrasonic rhinoplasty that Dr. Jorge Planas performed on me, making the decision to make a change to your face is very difficult, and for that reason, given the doubt / fear that it entails, I can safely advise this Doctor undoubtedly.
Eva Garcia
Eva garcia
15:10 09 Nov 21
Everything perfect, I would repeat without a doubt! Very happy🙏😘
Professional, attentive and efficient. No complaints
1 month ago I had an ultrasonic rhinoplasty and it has been the best decision I have made in my life, I had been with a complex for many years and thanks to Dr. Jorge Planas I was able to say goodbye to my complex, I know I still have a lot to see, but I am already very happy with the result and I wanted something natural. I definitely recommend it to the 100% and there is no need to be afraid, I trusted the team and I would certainly do it again. Thanks to the whole team, you have treated me very well and hopefully I will find more staff as well as the one at the clinic. Regards, Marina
Marina Pérez
Marina Perez
10:33 12 Oct 21
After 5 months of having the Rhinoplasty I can't be happier !! The work they do is incredible and they have managed to leave my nose as I imagined 😍 It has been a pleasure to choose this clinic for something so delicate and that they have met my expectations. Without a doubt if you are thinking of having rhinoplasty surgery, this is the place.
Jeanne Cruz Cabrera
Jeanne Cruz Cabrera
08:21 08 Oct 21

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